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“Customer is king,” is an old saying that inspires business people to treat their customer well. It may sound cliche, but it all points to customer satisfaction. If there are no customers, then the market will not be appropriate. If we make products or provide services that we consider suitable, but don not appeal to the customer, we may end up wasting time and resources which might have been useful in other areas.


The forces of demand and supply, determine what we need to produce depending on the market. It is important to have the customer in mind as we design or plan what products or services we intend to supply in the market. As service or product providers, we too need to meet our expectations in terms of markets, customer service and the profit we make.


As we approach the summer, we focus on the business world and how customers, clients, stakeholders and service and product providers view each other. It is a period when we would like to reflect on the methods that we have used previously and make recommendations or amendments to some of the methods that might be letting our businesses down, as we share new ideas and business strategies.


With this in mind, we could come up with new ideas, marketing strategies, products, improve working relations and how customers and clients perceive one another,as well as re-brand our businesses.


Welcome to the Great Summer Launch, intended to change how you have carried out your business, customer service and marketing in the past, to a brand new style that is acceptable and easy for all the team members that you work with. Below are the details of the upcoming launch:


Event: The Biggest Launch of Summer.


When: 14 July 2015


Important activities:


You will have a chance to participate in a prize giving contest.Winners will receive cash prizes worth $100,000. This will be an opportunity to change your customers’ and your marketing strategies forever.


If you simply want to get the details of how to enter for the draw, or want step by step unfolding of events of the Biggest Launch of Summer as they unfold right before your eyes, use our Simple Social site, refer to the following link:


Follow the instructions indicated in the link, and provide us with your name and email address to enable us keep in touch with you. We will be able to walk gradually with you as you receive the systematic unfolding of the happenings of the summer Launch.


We welcome your likes, recommendations and comments through Simple Social, Twitter and Facebook, where we will gladly read your contributions and apply your suggestions or recommendations where necessary.


We will update you of the unfolding events, which will change how your customers view you as well as how you handle you handle your customers. We expect to interact with customers, producers, suppliers, services providers, local and international associates, as well as all our stakeholders. This will be a forum where different business and entrepreneurial projects and ideas will be brought together to create awareness of markets and industries that we have at large.


Mark this date, 14 July 2014 and the Biggest Launch of Summer.


Change your customers’ perceptions about you and the service approaches
Broaden your resources, mindset and operations forever and
Expand your market and marketing Strategies.
It will help you to:


Involve and understand your customers.
Participate in the $100,000 worth of cash prizes, you could emerge a prize winner.
Re-brand your products and services after the Summer Launch.
Get to know your customers, your competitors and potential markets.
Learn tips on how to have long lasting relations with your present customers as you build a bigger clientele.


The adage, “Better the devil you know than an angel you do not know,” is very relevant in the business world. It inspires the businessperson to strive and maintain the old customers than lose them, in which case the ‘lost’ customers can decide to spoil the reputation of the business, even as he strives to create new markets and customers.


Welcome to the Great Summer Launch, Simple Social, give your views on Facebook and Twitter and share ideas prior to this meeting of great minds and positive ideas.


Simple Social Coming Soon….


Welcome to Simple Social Bonus dot com. Simple Social is the amazing course by Devin Zander. It is releasing to public in July,2015. Stay tuned for updates about Simple Social Review and Simple Social Bonus.





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